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Damica Feliciano

I'm a Boston-based multimedia journalist with an ardent desire to write creative pieces directly discussing race, sexuality, public health, and pop culture through a womanist lens. My recent works with sex-positivity/health, LGBTQ+ topics, and mental wellness are beat interests that speak to my professional development as both a journalist and sex educator.

The Legacy of Afro-Latinx & Latinx Superheroes

Latinx characters in mainstream comics like DC, Marvel, and the like have lived in an interesting space between carving out their own path and living in the shadow of their predominantly white predecessors. It’s where characters like Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Anya Corazón (Spider-Girl), and America Chavez (Miss America) transpire from and while they hold much significance in bringing more diverse representation in comics—the writers behind these characters tether too closely to stories molded by the white heroes before them.

Policing in Schools: A Threat to BPS Students – Covering Immigration

Immigrant students in Boston public schools face a serious threat, the “school-to-deportation” pipeline. Undocumented students, specifically students of color, are criminalized by law enforcement in schools. Some are misidentified as gang members, leaving them vulnerable to the punitive immigration system. Approximately 14,000 students in Massachusetts are undocumented, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Many of them have the right to not disclose their status, especially in schools

Transnational Activism and How it can Support Filipinx Activists

The Philippines is experiencing horrific proportions of human rights abuses, a global pandemic with no aid in sight, and significant environmental disasters. Filipinx activists are up to their knees with these issues yet, policies like the Anti-Terror Bill are forcing them to choose between fighting for their cause or risking their life. With these odds in mind, many organizers are calling in multiple pillars of support through a model that is known as transnational activism. The term “transna

New Collection of Student Incident Reports Warrant More Lawsuits Against BPS and BPD – Covering Immigration

Advocates and the non-profit Lawyers for Civil Rights group are suing BPS and BPD for refusing to release the data of student information shared with federal immigration officials. This lack of transparency could lead to more lawsuits on top of the initial one back in June 2018. Education advocacy organizations such as the Center for Law and Education Inc., the Multicultural Education, Training, and Advocacy, Inc., Lawyers for Civil Rights filed two partner lawsuits after yet another public rec

New Student Privacy Policy Leaves Many Educators and Advocates Concerned with the Lack of Protection Measures – Covering Immigration

New reforms to end collusions between BPS and BPD are in motion but many educators and advocacy groups are still concerned with the policy’s vague measures. Boston Public Schools approved a policy last week on Sept. 16th that involves updated procedures for school incident reporting and sharing student information with Boston Police. The school board’s unanimous decision is supposed to prevent student information from falling into the hands of the police. Among other statutes, one part details

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